LIFE IS SWELL, LLC, is a surf-themed clothing line based in Honolulu, Hawaii offering family-friendly and eco-friendly choices.  Started in 2008, Life is Swell is owned by Sonya Seng, a local mom born and raised on O'ahu.  All our designs are homegrown, sometimes created by family and friends on our kitchen table. We frequently partner with local screen printer Lanakila Pacific, a long-time Honolulu non-profit that provides meals for the elderly and gives employment training for the disabled. Sonya co-pastors a justice-oriented, grace-based faith community called Bluewater Mission. She helped found the former Seed Restaurant in Honolulu, which provided employment to victims of human trafficking and the formerly incarcerated. She became interested in t-shirt design while printing shirts for Seed. Dad and daughter surfing

LIFE IS SWELL isn't just about clothing the body but reviving the soul through beauty, community and faith. Hawaii's beauty heals visitors from all around the world and we share that healing, one smile at a time. As a community, we care for the earth and our bodies, reducing toxins and chemical use -- and wearing eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics.  We invest in goodness as an act of faith. A portion of profits is donated to cleaning the ocean in Hawaii via the Surfrider Foundation

Thanks for shopping LIFE IS SWELL, and see you out in the deep blue!