Why We Offer Organic & Eco-friendly Choices

Why, you might ask?

When we first started the business in 2008, we knew that organic was important, but we weren't sure exactly why. Primarily, it seemed that people would buy organic because it was better for their own personal health. For example, you would buy organic cucumbers so that the cucumber skin you would be eating would not be loaded full with awful toxic pesticides. But we learned that the value of organic extends far beyond just personal benefit. 

Ten Reasons to Choose Organic Clothing

  1. It helps protect your children — babies’ skin is thinner and more vulnerable to pesticide-related health problems than adults.
  2.  It reduces pesticide use - traditional cotton farming accounted for an astronomical 10% of the world’s pesticide and 25% of the its insecticide use.
  3. It protects farm workers from toxic exposure
  4.  It protects drinking water quality from chemical 
  5.  It prevents soil erosion, building thicker, healthy topsoil.
  6. It is a sturdier fabric — lasts 100 washes before breaking down compared to 10-20 washes of conventional cotton.
  7. It saves you money because it lasts much longer.
  8.  It feels amazing inside and out! It's softer and free of the formaldehyde conventionally used in cotton production. 
  9.  It supports a true economy whereas non-organic farming has hidden costs of subsidies, clean up and damage.
  10. It supports a healthier environment - for us and our kids.